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Marketing and Advertising is always one of the hardest decisions every year as a business owner or a business manager.

Where are we going to get the most bang for our buck

Do you go through this too? 


Have you heard about it? 

If so… AWESOME, our marketing is working. Yay!

If not, let me give you a quick tour:

  • Local live streaming company
  • Bringing local athletes exposure
  • Safely bringing you the game as if you’re sitting in the stands. 

Are you a visual person? See us in action!

Why is this an awesome advertising opportunity?

  • No monthly commitment
  • Our per game cost is half the cost of radio
  • 20% of our ad revenue goes back to the athletic department

We are already reaching nearly 10,000 page views per week: 

You can choose to advertise at all of our broadcasts or just one team you want  to support.


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