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Bulldog Boys & Girls XC wins Bulldog Invitational

Bulldog Boys & Girls XC wins Bulldog Invitational

Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams for both finishing 1st place in the Bulldog Invitational on Saturday, Sept 18th. Both the boys and girls teams finished first and had the individual meet champion too! Great job seniors and everyone else that made Senior night such a success!

Top 3 Boys Team Results:

  1. Centerville 26
  2. Richmond 29
  3. Union County 83


1 Mylan Nocton 17:24

3. Cameron Nocton 18:00 PR

6 Alec Erbse 18:45

7 Jeff Baker 18:48

9 Bryson Hoober 18:51

12 Kyle Sheard 19:18 PR

16 Preston Mathews 21:12

Girls top 3 Team Results:

1. Centerville 27

2. Richmond 34

3. Union County 81

Individual Girl Results

1 Chloe Scales 20:49

6 Cora Burton 22:24 PR

7 Mia Lickfelt 22:27

8 Kendra Shipman 22:33

9 Titi Jarvis 22:41 PR

10 Julie Carter 22:50 PR

11 Aubrey Morgan 22:51

Other Personal Best runners were:

Ben Withers

Sam Gibbons

Collin Martin

Ella Claypoole

By: Coach Evrard



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