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Lady Bulldogs place third at TEC Invite

Lady Bulldogs place third at TEC Invite

Centerville Girls’ Golf went into the TEC tournament in 3rd place by their season record. TEC tournament was held at Memorial Park Golf Course in New Castle hosted by Tri High School. The Bulldogs played well and finished the tournament in 3rd place.

Centerville carded their best tournament score of the year with a 408. Scoring for the Bulldogs were Alex Goodwin (92), Aurora Biava (95), Kenna Hemmerling (109), Emily Kaucher (112), and Claire Kaucher (118). Both Alex Goodwin, and Aurora Biava made the All-Conference Team with their scores. Medalist was from Union County, Emma Kassens with an 81.

Centerville has a busy week leading up to Sectionals on Friday.

By: Coach Roberts



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