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Knights claim 9-3 win over Cowan

Knights claim 9-3 win over Cowan

The Northeastern Knights defeated Cowan on Tuesday evening 9-3. The Knights and Blackhawks were tied at 2 a piece after 3 innings. The Knights scored a single run in the fourth inning and never relinquished the lead. They scored 6 runs in the fifth inning to close out their scoring.

Ben Deitsch led the offense with 3 hits. Colten Coyle and Keaton Mikesell each had 2 runs batted in. Treydon York and Mikesell each scored 2 runs. Landon Sum pitched 6 innings for the victory only allowing 4 hits and 3 runs. Payton Lumpkin pitched the 7th inning and had 2 strikeouts.

The Knights are now 3-3 on the season and go to Union County on Thursday for a TEC matchup.

By – Dave Baker



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