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Senior – Bri Shephard

Senior – Jade Hill

Junior – Haylee Parker

Junior – Morgan Clark

Sophomore – Malorie Woodruff

Sophomore – Shaellyn Bennett

Freshman – Harmony Owens


Senior – Hallie Rogers

Senior – Meghan Dale

Senior – Heather Eales

Senior – Kyley Farmer

Junior- Tori Kelley

Junior – Marissa Slagle


Senior – Kaleigh Lamb

Senior – Alyssa Messer

Senior – Jaela Patton

Junior – Kaylee Gabbard

Junior – Maddie Bogue

Junior – Allison Frost


Senior – Maddy Kinder

Senior – Becca Schneider

Senior – Kelsey Cottongim

Junior – MaKaelyn Cummins

Sophomore – Baylee Wissler

Freshman – Lilly Null


Senior – Alison Juday

Junior – Adrianne Weber

Junior – Laurelai DePew

Junior – Dajsha Burgess

Kinsey Bosell

Macie Ferguson

Clare Lopeman

Kamdyn DePew


Senior – Kara Amyx

Senior – Grace Amyx

Senior – Evalynn Aleman

Senior – Olivia Amyx

Senior – Mahlya Carter

Senior – Madelyn Gault


Senior – Tori Russell

Senior – Roya Walton

Junior – Sophia Knock

Junior – Faith Richardson

Sophomore – Chloe Greene

Sophomore – Shelby Hill

Sophomore – Olivia Russell

Sophomore – Brooke Fields


Senior – Brooklyn Hummel

Junior – Gena Moore

Junior – Taylor Baker

Junior – Jacklyn Goforth



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