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Girls Basketball




Team StandingsAll-ConferenceHonorable Mention
1. NortheasternJenna McFarland
Taylor Farris
Kenzie Chasteen
Willow Runyon
2. WinchesterCaitlyn Campbell
Gena Moore
Morgan Lawrence
Neveah Lanter
3. TriMaddie Burchett
Bailey Parham
Averi Phelps
4. Union CityMariah Claywell
Skylie Lutz
Emily Livingston
5. Union CountyMadison Gray*Lauren Alldredge
6. HagerstownHallie RogersMaddie Ward
7. KnightstownRena WithamTaylor Reagan
8. LincolnKaylee GabbardAlivia Anderson
9. CentervilleLilly WatersJaedyn Marshall
Most Outstanding Player* – Madison Gray



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