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Bertsch’s 37 point night leads Eagles over Cardinals

Bertsch’s 37 point night leads Eagles over Cardinals

In an absolute classic, the Lincoln Golden Eagles topped the Seton Catholic Cardinals 67-65. It was a game for the ages as both of these teams were looking to put an end to some negative adversity. The Cardinals coming in were playing their first game in almost in a month (January 23rd), and the Golden Eagles coming in on a five game losing streak.

Both teams were able to put an end to their negative adversity, and came together for an absolute classic game. It was back and forth all night long with both teams showing tons of energy.

Lincoln’s Alex Bertsch led the way with 37 points, while Tyler Wyles pitched in another 23 points. Gavin Trent added another 5 points, and Bryce Pennington had 2 points. Bertsch and Wyles got back to their heavy duo scoring ways combing for 60 of the teams 67 points.

Seton was led on the night by Jake Moynihan who finished with another double-double (20 points/13 rebounds). Mason Harvey had 12 points, Jonah Falcone had 11 points, Braiden Hogg had 10 points, Same Casper had 6 points, and Anderw Himes had 5 points.

Both of these teams will turn their attention to Sunday’s Sectional Draw before taking on their load of games this week. Next up for the Golden Eagles is Centerville on February 26th. Seton will take on Jay County tomorrow night, and Richmond on February 23rd!



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