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Lady Knights roll past Lapel 66-39

Lady Knights roll past Lapel 66-39

Northeastern Lady Knights kicked off their season on Tuesday night when they traveled to take on the Lapel Bulldogs. Northeastern defeated Lapel with a score of 66-39!

Lady Knights started the game slow, but put that in the past after a strong 2nd quarter (20-4). Taylor Farris led the Lady Knights with 19 points. Other contributors for the Lady Knights include: Jenna McFarland with 15 points (scored her 1000th point tonight), Willow Runyon and Addison Mastriano both with 8 points, Kenzie Chasteen and Emma Wright both had 7 points, and Kelsey Cottongim had 2 points.

Northeastern (1-0) will be back in action on Friday when they host Union City. This will be senior night for the Lady Knights!



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