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Bulldog Bowling Defeats Northeastern

Bulldog Bowling Defeats Northeastern

The Centerville Boys Bowling team took on conference opponent Northeastern Saturday afternoon. The Bulldogs came out on top defeating the Knights 18-2. Individual scores are below.


Caleb Robertson – 196, 152, (348)

Chris Oar – 169, (169)

Evan Silvia – 171, (171)

Patrick Hoch – 216, 172, (388)

Noah Strate – 227, 257, (484)

Zeke Becker – 123, (123)

Jacob Waller – 147 (147)

Team Total – 1827


Brandon Frame – 218, 198 (416)

Jacob Roth – 129, 144 (273)

Jonathon Michaels – 168, 172 (340)

Dalton Presley – 164, 134 (298)

Micah Mann III – 175, 146 (321)

Team Total – 1648



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