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The Tri-Eastern Conference recently released their Football All-Conference awards for the 2020 season. Congrats to all on the list! Congrats to Centerville’s Ryan Dickenson on being TEC Player of the Year and to Tri High’s Gunnar Longnecker on being TEC Lineman of the Year!


Team StandingsAll-ConferenceHonorable Mention
1. Centerville*Ryan Dickenson (12)*
Zach Thompson (11)
Noah Westover (12)
Collin Clark (10)
Javontae Pamplin (11)
Jamari Pamplin (11)
Keegan Schlotterbeck (11)
Brett Ballenger (12)
2. TriVade Dishman (12)
Tyler Kingery (12)
Parker Burk (10)
Gunnar Longnecker (12)
Syrus Butler (12)
Luke Hill (12)
Holden Thomas (12)
3. KnightstownSam Thomas (12)
Liam Orcutt (12)
Ben Newby (12)
Jarrett Smith (10
Mason Muncy (12)
Robert Porter (12)
4. Winchester Elijah Love (12)
Kollin Orr (12)
Brayden Tippett (11)
Trenton Edwards (12)
James Horn (12)
5. Union CountyMason Wicker (12)
Derek Grissom (12)
Ragen Bias (11)
6. Union CityHunter Clay (12)
Blayne Daniels (11)
Elijah Cowper (12)
7. Northeastern Ashton Martin (11)
Garrett Tudor (12)
Justin McGuffey (11)
8. LincolnAlex Hokey (12)Josh Miles (12)
9. HagerstownDominic Anderson (12)Mason Romack (10)



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