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Richmond Volleyball Season Stat Leaders

Richmond Volleyball Season Stat Leaders

Richmond Lady Red Devils Volleyball Stats For The 2020 Season

Lady Red Devils finished 16-10 on the year and claimed 3rd place in the North Central Conference.



  1. Ashley Clark (241)
  2. Laurelai DePew (170)
  3. Kennedy McKee (98)
  4. Haylee Haskett (98)
  5. JaKaia Lotz (69)


  1. Lauren Uhte (62)
  2. Ali Juday (42)
  3. Ashley Clark (38)
  4. Adrianne Weber (22)
  5. Kennedy McKee (20)


  1. Laurelai DePew (37)
  2. JaKaia Lotz (21)
  3. Ashley Clark (13)
  4. Kennedy McKee (11)
  5. Lauren Uhte (9)


  1. Laurelai DePew (238)
  2. Ashley Clark (216)
  3. Ali Juday (211)
  4. Lauren Uhte (191)
  5. Adrianne Weber (108)


  1. Lauren Uhte (546)
  2. Amanda Wolfe (75)
  3. Ali Juday (40)
  4. Laurelai DePew (26)
  5. Ashley Clark (20)


*Photo Courtesy of Richmond Volleyball*



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