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2020 IHSVA Academic All-State Honorees

2020 IHSVA Academic All-State Honorees

The 2020 Indiana High School Volleyball Association announced its Academic All-State Honorees this morning.

As you take a look at the list on their full website ( you will see that over 721 honorees were named this year.

Many of them just so happen to be from many Wayne County schools and surrounding areas! Congrats to all of the girls for the hard work on and off the court!

Local Honorees:

Alyssa Messer – Cambridge City Lincoln

Delanie Russell – Cambridge City Lincoln

Carly Heaslip – Centerville

Emma Henson – Centerville

Kate Wilson – Centerville

Skyler Murray – Centerville

Kimbriana Settles – Franklin County

Makyah Richardson – Franklin County

Raeann Ertel – Franklin County

Cara Mullen – Knightstown

Rena’ Witham – Knightstown

Eliza Madden – New Castle

Mabrey Shaffmaster – New Castle

Samanta Ward – New Castle

Alison Juday – Richmond

Grace Amyx – Seton Catholic

Kara Amyx – Seton Catholic

Madelyn Gault – Seton Catholic

Bridget Lohrey – Shenandoah

Erikka Hill – Shenandoah

Emma Jane Townsend – Union County

Grace Ella Patrick – Union County

Congratulations to all of these girls again for the hard work in the classroom and on the court! Keep up the great work!

Full List at!



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