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Lady Cardinals Volleyball Win 4th Straight

Lady Cardinals Volleyball Win 4th Straight

On Monday night, the Lady Cardinals Volleyball team hosted the Union City Indians in a non-conference matchup. The Lady Cardinals were going into this matchup on a three game win streak.

The varsity Lady Cardinals won their fourth straight defeating Union City in straight sets (25-17, 25-15, 25-13). They were led by Hannah Johnston with 14 kills and 9 aces, Grace Amyx with 7 kills, Audrey Mosey with 8 digs, and Lydia Reichley with 29 assists and 4 aces.

The junior varsity Lady Cardinals won their matchup against Union City 2-0 (25-2, 25-9). They were led by Kara Berger with 6 kills and 4 aces, Anabelle Alemon with 6 aces, and Ellen Chandler with 12 assists

This win moves the varsity Lady Cardinals to 12-6 on the year as they head into their final regular season matchups on Wednesday and Saturday. They will travel to Union County on Wednesday night!

Seton Freshman Hannah Johnston Serving



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