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Seton Cross Country Results

Seton Cross Country Results

Seton Middle and High School Cross Country teams were in action on Tuesday and Wednesday night! Both teams having great days!

Seton High School competed in the Muncie Burris invitational on Tuesday. Jack Martin placed 5th with a time of 18:55.

The Middle School Cross Country competed in the Union County Invitational on Wednesday against Rushville, Richmond, Hagerstown, Connersville, Union County, and Union Modoc. The boys’ team placed fourth. Bryce Cordova placed 4th with a time of 11:39. Wes Kitchin was 6th with Gavin Killion right behind in 7th place, both clocking 11:55. Ethan Bihl and Carter Goss also ran well for the Cardinals!

The girls’ team finished 2nd, 1 point behind Connersville. Gwynie Falcone came in the 2nd spot with a time of 12:31 and Sara Swinney placed 3rd with a time of 12:58. Aubrey Bihl came in 10th. Izzy Carter and Lena Allen came in very close in the 17th and 18th spot.

Seton Middle School will be competing at the state meet on Saturday and the CYO meet next Saturday!



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