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Lady Red Devils Defeat Rushville 3-0

Lady Red Devils Defeat Rushville 3-0

Richmond Lady Red Devils traveled to Rushville on Monday night in a non-conference matchup. The Lady Red Devils came into tonight coming off a tough Saturday at the Muncie Central Invite.

Richmond responded well playing with a lot of energy sweeping Rushville 3-0 (25-10, 25-16, 25-18). This win moves the Red Devils to 11-7 ending their regular season as they head into tournament play.


Ashley Clark – 9 kills, 2 digs

JaKaia Lotz – 9 kills

Dafne Ruiz – 1 kill

Adrianne Weber – 3 aces, 4 digs, 3 assists

Amanda Wolfe – 3 digs

Alison Juday – 8 digs, 2 assists

Laurelai Depew – 14 kills, 9 digs, 2 assists

Kennedy McKee – 4 kills, 2 aces

Kara Mullins – 1 kill

Haylee Haskett – 3 kills, 3 digs

Lauren Uhte – 6 kills, 4 aces, 9 digs, 39 assists



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