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Hagerstown JV Volleyball Wins Wayne County Tourney

Hagerstown JV Volleyball Wins Wayne County Tourney

The Wayne County Junior Varsity Volleyball Tourney was held Saturday early afternoon at Lincoln High School. All four Wayne County teams (Lincoln, Centerville, Hagerstown, and Northeastern) came ready to go as we were set for great matchups.

Round 1:

Hagerstown vs Lincoln – Hagerstown escaped a battle from Lincoln 2-1

Centerville vs Northeastern – Centerville escaped a battle from Northeastern 2-1

Centerville Key Stats: Gracie Goodman had 10 kills, 2 aces, and 13 digs. Ava McCurdy had 4 kills and 11 digs. Elly Waters had 21 assists.


Hagerstown vs Centerville – Hagerstown defeated Centerville 2-0 to become Wayne County JV Champs

Centerville Key Stats: Ava McCurdy had 4 kills and 15 digs and Elly Waters had 12 assists.




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