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Lady Bulldogs Volleyball Win At Franklin County

Lady Bulldogs Volleyball Win At Franklin County

The Centerville Lady Bulldogs volleyball team traveled to Franklin County on Tuesday night. The Lady Bulldogs defeated the Lady Wildcats 3-1!

The Lady Bulldogs came out hot as they took the first two sets 25-17 and 25-18. They began to struggle in the third set, but rallied back before falling 22-25. The Lady Bulldogs then struck back big in set four winning 25-16 and the matchup 3-2.

The Lady Bulldogs were led by Kate Wilson with 21 kills, Lilly Waters with 40 assists and 3 kills, and Aly Blake with 6 aces and 6 kills!

You can catch the Lady Bulldogs in action on their senior night on Thursday when they host the Lady Red Devils of Richmond. That game will be on starting at 5:45pm.



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