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Friday Night Lights Scores (Week 2)

Friday Night Lights Scores (Week 2)

Indiana High School Football Week 2 Is Here!!!


Centerville – 56 Hagerstown – 0

Tri High – 46 Northeastern – 0

Mt. Vernon – 56 Richmond – 13

Lincoln vs Union County (CANCELLED)


Delta – 42 Eastbrook – 28

New Albany – 50 Eastern Hancock – 43

Franklin County – 50 Winchester – 7

Batesville – 42 Milan – 35

Covenant Christian – 68 Rushville – 6

Yorktown – 35 Muncie Central – 8

National Trail (OH) – 37 Mississinawa Valley (OH) – 0

Brookville (OH) – 14 Eaton (OH) – 7



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